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“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

– Rumi

Your Journey With Me

After working with me and attending my groups, my Highly Sensitive clients realize that not only is nothing wrong with them, but they have a unique trait that only approximately 20-30% of the population has. They realize that this trait, if harnessed correctly, is exactly what the world needs now.  Highly Sensitive People are the healers, teachers, poets, coaches, therapists, artists, and exquisite souls that create beauty and harmony in the world.  I offer an entirely different perspective on what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and this is where a new life begins, a life that is filled with ease, beauty, and meaning.
My clients normally show up completely overwhelmed and feeling that the world is too fast, too noisy, too chaotic but worst of all it is filled with assholes lacking compassion.  They usually struggle with non-reciprocal relationships and setting boundaries. They may have grown up with emotionally immature or narcissistic parents or are trying to recover from narcissistic/emotional abuse which is incredibly damaging. It’s not uncommon for my clients to be astonished at how someone has treated them or the general state of the world.  They are filled with feelings of anxiety and worry about the fact that they can’t keep up with everyone else.  They need so much more rest and so much more time to process through the events of a day.  At the core, they worry that something must be very wrong with them because they can’t cope like other people.
Many people I work with know they are Highly Sensitive but they stopped at that. They may have read a book or two, but they haven’t done a deep dive because they are just trying to survive the day. Using all my experience/training as a therapist, coach, and a lifetime of being a HSP myself, I offer a trauma informed deep dive into the world of High Sensitivity.  From childhood to current day, we explore how being an HSP impacted their lives and unpack the messaging they received about being sensitive from their families and the world at large.  My clients learn about the amazing gifts that only HSPs have, how our brains and bodies are unique, and the advantages we have over our not so sensitive counterparts.  I support fellow HSPs to build practices and habits that soothe their nervous systems, but more importantly to curate a life around this beautiful trait.
I’m passionate about doing vision work with people so they can unlock their dreams and powerfully go after them, but also understand that in order to move forward we usually need to go back. I use a trauma informed approach and deeply understand that our childhood impacts how we show up as adults.  I thrive in witnessing, holding space, and helping to heal the biggest wounds we have as humans. My unique journey from teacher, then therapist and coach, gives me a skill set that allows me to be able to teach, reduce the impacts of trauma, and collaboratively dream with my clients while holding them accountable. Many coaches are scared of the dark and twisty stuff but this is my jam.
I work with Highly Sensitive Women and members of the LGBTQIA+ that identify as HSP that want to understand themselves better and open up to new possibilities within themselves. I also offer workshops for those beautiful souls that want to understand how to support the Highly Sensitive people in their lives. I work with people that have a goal they want to achieve and desire having a coach to encourage, support, and celebrate each milestone along the journey. I work with people that understand that investing in themselves and doing inner work can transform their outer worlds. I work with people that want to learn tools to transform their lives from the inside out. I work with people that want to increase their joy, get unstuck from unhealthy patterns, and find their true path, one that feels authentic and meaningful. I also have had the pleasure of working with and supporting women wanting to become therapists/coaches themselves and offer consults before you drop all that money on very expensive grad programs and coaching programs.