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“The greatest investment you can make is investing in yourself.”

– Warren Buffett

Invest in Yourself


I offer a free 30 minute chat to see if we are the right fit for each other which you can book here. I offer a select few spots for 1 on 1 therapy (including EMDR) & coaching, in addition to consults for people interested in becoming a therapist or a coach. I am available both weekdays and weekends.



Keeping HSPs in mind, and our need to process things deeply, I created a self-paced course for you to do your own deep dive on your experience as a HSP. This program is the result of my 13 years of studying this beautiful trait, combined with all my training as a therapist and a coach, consists of 5 modules, along with explorations to deepen your learning. Wins and outcomes include how to set boundaries, how to ask for what you need instead of staying silent, effortlessly managing overwhelm, trauma 101, how to have better relationships, and learning about the amazing benefits of being inside a HSP brain and body. I also offer this program individually.This program is coming soon.

I offer a 90 minute workshop on all things HSP (perfect for those new to finding out they are a Highly Sensitive Person and for those amazing souls that want to support their HSP loved ones).

Some employee benefit insurance programs cover the costs associated with seeing a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).  Please check with your service provider to see if this is the case for you.

I accept the following forms of payment, due prior to our first session:

•   Visa/Mastercard or American Express (note applicable fees will apply when processing credit cards).

•   Interac e-transfer

A receipt will be provided so you may submit it to your extended health benefits for reimbursement.

All cancellation or rescheduling requires 48 hours notice.